SecureWorld Executive Roundtable Dinner Series

Executive Roundtable events bring together 15 to 25 C-Level leaders in a relaxed setting with dinner and drinks and moderated discussion groups. The goal is to facilitate a forum for sharing ideas and growing professional networks, and to give back to our Advisory Council members who are pivotal in helping us develop SecureWorld regional conferences.

The Next Generation of Cybersecurity Talent and Tools

The CISO is a fairly new designation in the grand scheme of executive leadership, with IT and security professionals stepping into the head information securing role in the past decade or so. First-generation CISOs put their years of experience in security and other IT-related roles to fill a much-needed role in the C-suite, with the all-important goal of protecting organizations from inside and outside cybersecurity threats. With the help of vendors and a myriad of tools, CISOs are fighting the good fight.

CISOs and a direct report each should come ready to discuss who is "next up" and what succession plans are in place (or should be) for developing and nurturing next-gen cybersecurity talent. In addition, come ready to discuss what tools you as a cybersecurity professional are deploying to secure your organization, and to hear from supporting vendors what they have to offer and how they are at the ready to assist in the effort.

The agenda for the evenings is as follows:

4:30 - 5:15 p.m. — Arrival and Networking
5:15 - 6:15 p.m. — Roundtable Discussions
6:30 - 8:00 p.m. — Dinner and Networking

If you have further interest in participating as an invited guest or sponsor, please contact us!

Schedule and Details


Date Venue Event Director
Kansas City Dec 8, 2022 Stock Hill Julie Arndorfer
St. Louis Mar 9, 2023 TBD Clay Gartner
Dallas Mar 30, 2023 TBD Thomas Blase
Denver Apr 13, 2023 TBD
Detroit May 4, 2023 TBD Erik Skoog
Seattle May 11, 2023 TBD Clay Gartner
Toronto May 18, 2023 TBD Karli Voelzke
New York City May 25, 2023 TBD Julie Arndorfer
Twin Cities Sep 13, 2023 TBD Karli Voelzke
Sep 14, 2023 TBD Thomas Blase

Chicago Oct 12, 2023 TBD Clay Gartner
Oct 26, 2023 TBD Erik Skoog
Nov 2, 2023 TBD Julie Arndorfer
Houston Nov 9, 2023 TBD Thomas Blase 
Kansas City Nov 15, 2023 TBD Julie Arndorfer
Nov 15, 2023 TBD

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